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With the sound of music playing, My body opens to new wave of beat, I feel my heart beat the tune in the song, And my ears get

A huge ego breaks off love’s embrace, A tiny ego slips off love’s embrace, No ego, no embrace of love!   A selfless ego suffocates from love’s embrace, A selfish

Yours is a horrendous bother I decode one side, you obfuscate another! I twist and turn, twist and turn again fingers engrossed around your parts, another twist extirpates the

You drive a car and i pull a cart you hate a rat when i am the cat you hate the bite when this is my hiss you throw

When I was young, My mum bought me a black barbie doll, I wanted a white one, I cried and tried, to convince her to buy me a

I saved you the last dance, So let's dance the night away, And wish that the music never ever stops, I keep hoping and praying that this music

Away my soul suspends into the thin air As I drool away the day, lying in the lair Waiting for the diamond rays of the sun sinking

Time stood still, Darkness seemed to overcome me, When I received that call, I made frantic calls to my relatives, Trying to breathe out the sadness, You had been hospitalized, As

I've tried to give us a thought About the issues that we're yet to sort. Between a rock and a hard place you are caught And that's why

Dear of the most dearest,this dear is sweet As it looks, I swear this one is for the books Dear one,what do you think of this